About FES

Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) has been involved in assisting the management and governance of Common Property Land Resources since 1986. FES works towards the ecological restoration and conservation of land and water resources, in the uplands and other eco-fragile, degraded and marginalised zones of India and to set in place the processes of coordinated human effort and governance to this end. Working over the last two decades with village institutions that manage and govern Commons in diverse ecosystems spread over six States in India, FES is recognized for its activities around Commons. Regardless of the form of the institution, we strive for universal membership and an equal access of women and marginalised in decision-making.

FES has been an institutional member of the International Association for the Study of Common Property (IASC) since 1999 and has been a regular participant at the biennial conferences since 1998.

Annual Report 2008-09

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About IASC

At the global level, the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) is the leading professional association dedicated to the study of the commons. By bringing researchers from different disciplines together with practitioners and policymakers, the association aims to improve general understanding of shared resources (commons) and provide sustainable solutions for related issues.

IASC’s goals are to
  • Encourage exchange of knowledge among diverse disciplines, world areas, and resource types
  • Foster mutual exchange of scholarship and practical experience
  • and, Promote appropriate institutional design.
The Association’s work on the functioning of natural resource commons has been instrumental in refuting the notion of an inevitable “tragedy of the commons” through careful analysis of the factors that influence the management of these resources. More recently, IASC has started to explore new areas of research that includes, work on knowledge, culture, health, global resources and other new commons areas. The association has been instrumental in organizing biennial conferences since 1991 across the countries. So far 12 such conferences have been organized. The upcoming conference has been planned in India in January 2011.

The opportunity to host the conference in India is timely to counter and dispel notions where common lands are being projected as ‘wastelands’ and are being diverted for alternate land use. The collective expertise that the Association can mobilize, from over 90 countries, contributes to policy debates of global importance. Whether the issue is intellectual property, network neutrality, global warming, land reform, legal empowerment of the poor, or reforming the international financial system, commons research and lessons from working in and with commons regimes are important in shaping governance systems that will benefit as many people as possible while preserving the resource at hand for future generations.

Participation in IASC is open to any individual or institution interested in the study of the commons.

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