In the preparatory processes towards the Conference and the Initiative on Commons, FES is collaborating with the following partner organizations and academic bodies:
  • Centre for Action, Research and Education in Water (CAREWATER), Anand ( to anchor the discussions on water, with specific reference to surface water and ground water
  • Centre for Social Ecology (CenSE), Jaipur towards highlighting the critical aspects of pastoralism and commons.
  • Enviro Legal Defence Firm, (ELDF) Noida, in identification of gaps and possible modifications in existing policy and programmes with the perspective of common property/pool resources, through desk review of national and state laws.
  • Fisheries Management Resource Centre (FishMARC) to anchor the discussions on 'Coastal Commons and Fisheries'
  • Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Bombay ( to examine the various elements of water resources as commons through a scholarship programme.
  • Institute of Rural Management (IRMA) Anand ( in hosting a case competition on 'improved governance and management of natural resources in response to privatisation and centralization of government control on natural resources', in order to encourage and propagate interest among research scholars having focus in the area of commons.
  • National Law School Of India University (NLSIU), Bengaluru ( on a law reforms competition for law schools to engage and challenge young legal brains in an exercise of scrutinising the law and to suggest reforms in it to restore, secure, strengthen, conserve and celebrate the Commons.
  • Openspace, Bengaluru ( to co-ordinate a socio-linguistic enquiry into the legal and livelihood consequences of the interpretation of the term 'commons' and a search for a vocabulary that reflects social and communitarian aspirations and needs.
  • Rainfed Livestock Network to explore and understand the dependence of livestock on commons in the semi-arid context of the country and the role of commons in strengthening the animal husbandry based livelihoods.