Media Outreach

This Conference was part of a larger initiative by FES to raise awareness of issues pertaining to the commons, and a larger media strategy was carved that aimed to influence the 'common' mind-set on Commons as well as build a discussion on the need for policy on commons in India. This included a range of research projects, media fellowships, and publications aimed at practitioners, policy makers, researchers, the media and interested laypersons. Our fellowship programmes and engagement with journalists aimed at covering the subject of commons in national and regional newspapers, magazines and television programmes.

The Conference was successful in garnering a fair amount of media attention, with the presence of dynamic policymakers and Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom elevating the levels of interest in issues of commons, and the profile of the event. Apart from participating in the Conference, Dr. Ostrom's visit to India was marked with talks, interviews and press meets. Dr. Ostrom was interviewed by Shekhar Gupta for a programme "Walk the Talk" that was recorded on 5th Jan during Dr.Ostrom's visit to Delhi and broadcast in NDTV 24x7 on 12th Feb, 2011 ( Dr. Elinor Ostrom was also interviewed by Mr.Paranjoy Guha and this talk was telecast over Lok Sabha TV on 21st Jan.

The event was covered by several local and national newspapers (Hindu, Varta, Andhra Bhoomi, to name a few), and the commons also featured as the key theme in several articles of publications such as Down to Earth, around and after that time. A commons blog containing information about the Conference and social promotion messages related to commons was started a week before the Conference. Social networking tools such as twitter, facebook etc. were used to create forums for discussions on commons issues. The main events during the Conference- Inaugural ceremony, Keynote Addresses and Policy Forum Sessions were webcast live and were also available for viewing after the Conference. For all the media articles and videos related to the Conference

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