An important side-event at the 13th Biennial Conference on Commons was the Exhibition. It was organised with an intention to extend to NGOs, publishing houses and others an opportunity to showcase their work, publications and products. In the recently concluded edition of the Commons Conference, 40 stalls were put up, with the bulk of the representation being from NGOs working on watershed development, natural resource management, management and governance of CPRs and other related issues.
A few international funding agencies such as Concern Worldwide, CAPRI, IDRC, CAPRi and GEF UNDP SGP CEE were present, as was a sprinkling of enterprises that had a wide range of ethnic ware, handlooms, jewellery, knick-knacks and curios in the offing.
The Exhibition offered the participants a unique opportunity to project their work in front of an international audience comprising of practitioners and academics from about 70 countries, most of whom were tuned into issues pertaining to natural resource management and CPR governance—the dominant under-current at the Exhibition, as at the Conference at large. 

List of Organizations that Participated in the Exhibition:

Angha, APARD, APPS, Ballad Inc, Books for Change, CAPRi, CCI, Chirala Weavers' Union, CIFOR, Concern Worldwide, CRD, Dhan Tank, Eco Tasar, Ethikoppaka, Foundation for Ecological Security, GEF UNDP SGP CEE, IDRC, Jai Ganesh Pearls, KulluKarishma, Mangatrai Pearls, MCR HRDI, MSSM, NISARGA, ODP, Orient Blackswan, Oxford University Press, Pilupu, PRAWARDA, RASS, RHGBMSS, Sandur, Shramik Kala Parampara, SOPPECOM, Live Diverse, WCUSS, WOTR, WSSS