Globalisation, Commercialisation and the Commons

This sub-theme may cover such topics as:

  • What is the theory on Common Property offering in an era where decentralization and centralized global governance instruments are emerging simultaneously? How does the principle of shared but differentiated responsibility translate into managing local, national and global Commons?
  • What is the emerging architecture of global environmental governance and how are the interests of common properties and the dependent communities being safeguarded within and outside market based mechanisms?
  • How does the State safeguard the interests of its own constituency in a market economy that acts outside/parallel to the functioning of the State? How does the state safeguard the intellectual property rights of popular wisdom, which are intellectual Commons?  A major challenge is the use of practical cases that offer practical solutions to the global debate on globalisation and the Commons.
  • Processes of change in CPR institutions adapting to the demands of commercialization - Institutional designs that are socially just, ecologically sound and economically viable. Issues of sustainability of CPR institutions could also be considered in this theme.