Health & Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Conference delegates are encouraged to consider securing individual travel medical insurance, which is elective and will not be covered by FES. Some domestic health insurance policies extend coverage for travelers, please verify the same with your provider.

Foreign nationals may also find medical coverage for travel to India managed by private companies offering a range of medical services-from evacuation and repatriation only, to comprehensive general health care packages. Fees and services desired vary by the length of your trip. Options include:
All Aboard Benefits:
HTH Worldwide Insurance:
International Health Insurance:
Worldwide Medical:
Global Health Insurance:



  • Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations: Recommended for all travelers to India;
  • Yellow Fever vaccination: Required only for travelers arriving from or passing through any yellow-fever-infected area like Africa (will need documentation at customs);
  • Consult your physician on the vaccinations you may require for your trip to India;


  • During the week of the Conference, avoid mosquito bites using repellants and long-sleeved clothing; travelers may also consider taking a malaria prophylaxis: mefloquine (lariam), doxycycline; malarone;
  • Doctors commonly prescribe antibiotics for travelers to carry in case of the occasional intestinal infections (from contaminated food or water);
  • Remember to take an adequate supply of all your regular medications.
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Food and Drink

Visitors to India are advised to drink filtered / bottled water to stay well hydrated. Wash raw fruits and vegetables in clean water before eating, and make sure food is well cooked. Enjoy all the fabulous Indian cuisine!