New Commons (Digital Commons, Genetic Commons, Patents, Music, Literature etc.)

Topics that may be discussed under this sub-theme include:

  • Innovative examples of policy and legal frameworks and effective alternatives for crafting institutions for resource management and use that enable partnerships among global actors and national/regional governments, communities, private sector, and civil society. How CPR and community issues and perspectives are being and should be incorporated in global convention discussions and standard setting?
  • Intellectual property rights, patents and certifications, genetic resources, media, Internet, portals/digital libraries and online publications, open source, music, literature etc are all being studied as new Commons. The papers may explore the institutional mechanisms and policy framework for working with such common resources.
  • Urban Commons-of condominiums; parks, water bodies, potable water, transport other common spaces and facilities; evolving roles of municipalities.
  • Understanding innovations creative Commons, scientific Commons, knowledge production platforms; and appreciating the next-generation issues.