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53 Marine Turtle Conservation and Community Wellbeing in a Globalized Coastal town of Costa Rica: Methodological Contributions Montoya-Greenheck Felipe University of Costa Rica Montoya-Greenheck Felipe milpa99@gmail.com
60 Changing Pattern of Agricultural Productivity in Brahmaputra Valley, Assam,India SHARMA BIMAL LECTURER IN GEOGRAPHY SHARMA BIMAL bsharma1@rediffmail.com
72 Identity-based exclusion: Tribal women forest tenure in Rajasthan bose Purabi WUR Bose Purabi purabi.bose@wur.nl
73 An Institutional Analysis of Deforestation : A Case Study on a Village Inside Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, West Lampung Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia ismarson iwen yuvanho Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia Iwen Yuvanho Ismarson, Shigeaki Fujisaki iwenyi@yahoo.com
82 Community-Based Marine turtle conservation, a complexity analysis Merino Sonia Elsy Ms Merino Sonia Elsy soniaelsy@yahoo.com
Waiswa Daniel Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA D. Waiswa, S.P. Prisley, W.S. Gombya-Ssembajjwe, A.Y. Banana and J. Bahati dwaiswa@vt.edu
86 Innovation systems in forest resources management: Lessons learned from community forestry programme of Nepal Uprety Dharam Raj IFRI Nepal, ForestAction Uprety Dharam, Giri, Kalpana, Bista Rajesh1, Bhandari Kamal du_forestaction@wlink.com.np
92 The Religious Commons Dick Laura University of Mary Washington Dick Laura ,Meinzen-Dick Ruth pretykityus@yahoo.com
95 TRADITIONAL FOREST USE AND INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE: CASE STUDY OF LOITA COMMUNITY FOREST, NAROK SOUTH DISTRICT, KENYA Ongugo Roxventa Anyango Kenyatta University Roxventa A. Ongugo, Purity A. Osumba, Pasiens M. Tuzo rongugo@yahoo.com
97 Institutions, livelihoods and forest dynamics: The case of Ramogi and Mau forests In Kenya. okwaro George mabaha IFRI CRC-K okwaro George mabaha, Bernard J.M. Ngoda kalamukenya@yahoo.com
101 PAY BACK ANTICIPATION: A DRIVING FORCE IN COMMUNITIES PARTICIPATION TO FOREST MANAGEMENT. Osumba Purity Adhiambo Kenyatta University. Purity Adhiambo Osumba purrie2006@yahoo.com
113 Elite Capture in post-socialist local Commons, the case of Albania Schmidt Oscar Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe Schmidt Oscar ,Theesfeld Insa schmidt@iamo.de
115 From common pastures to global commons. An historical perspective on interdisciplinary approaches to commons. De Moor Tine Utrecht University De Moor Tine t.demoor@uu.nl
119 Thirteenth Biennial Conference of the
International Association for the Study of Commons (IASC)
Nzunda Emmanuel F. Department of Forest Mensuration and Management, Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation, Sokoine University of Agriculture, P.O. Box 3013, Morogoro, Tanzania E. F. Nzunda, E. J. Luoga and T.G. Mahuve emmanuelnzunda@yahoo.com
123 Decentralization: Resolve or Hide the Problem? Nastar Maryam Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies Maryam Nastar and Mine Islar maryam.nastar@lucid.lu.se
127 Governing of Commons: The Bhoodaan Way Shukla Nimisha university Nimisha Shukla, Sudarshan Iyengar nimisha63@gmail.com
134 Rhetoric and Reality: Enacting gender-based inclusion in managing the Commons in Nepal Bhattarai Basundhara International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) Bhattarai Basundhara basundharao@yahoo.com
135 Challenges in getting off the ground the new Nicaraguan Water Law: from farmer groups to formalized irrigation districts? Novo Paula Technical University of Madrid P. Novo, A. Garrido, R. Meinzen-Dick paula.novo@upm.es
143 Challenges to and Potentials of Cross-Scale Linkages for
Environmental Conservation: A Focus of Natural Resource
Management Network in Kuraburi Estuary
Iwasaki Shimpei Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Iwasaki Shimpei shimpei.iwasaki@gmail.com
146 Prototype design guidelines for collaborative governance of natural resource Inoue Makoto The University of Tokyo Inoue Makoto mkinoue@fr.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp
147 Fishery Commons in Japan: Their Legal Framework and Recent Crises Murota Takeshi Doshisha University Murota Takeshi tmurota@mail.doshisha.ac.jp
148 The Tragedy and Success of the Commons
in Rural Ghana
Gian Nicola Francesconi International Food Policy Research Institute Gian Nicola Francesconi g.n.francesconi@cgiar.org
Neuts Bart Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Neuts Bart bart.neuts@ees.kuleuven.be
152 The Nishorgo Support Project, the Lawachhara National Park of Bangladesh
and the Seismic Survey of Chevron: Forest Conservation or Energy
Khan Mohammad Tanzimuddin Assistant Professor, University of Dhaka (Currently doing Phd at the University of New England, Armidale, Australia Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan mkhan34@une.edu.au
156 Reorienting Community Institutions:
For cohesive sustainable management of natural resources.
Pathan Rashidkhan Sarvarkhan Indian Forest Service - Retired Dr. R. S. Pathan IFS (Retd) pathanrs@yahoo.com
158 Concerted action and the transformer dilemma: overcoming
uncertainty in electricity provision for irrigation in Andhra Pradesh,
Kimmich Christian Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany Kimmich Christian christian.kimmich@staff.hu-berlin.de
159 Collective forest and protected area management in areas of conflict:
Integration of technical, juridical and social approaches in the
creation of a model of administration of the protected areas of the
Valley of the Cauca, Colombia.
164 Commercialization of Coastal Areas in CALABARZON Area, Philippines Calvan Dennis Fernandez NGOs for Fisheries Reform Calvan Dennis Fernandez,Ablola Jay Martin S. denniscalvan@yahoo.com
167 Definition of homogenous groundnut production domains a tool to
assess transferability and spillover effects from ICRISAT groundnut
K Mausch ICRISAT K. Mausch and MCS Bantilan K.Mausch@cgiar.org
174 Moving from Environmental Economics to Ecological Economics: what difference does it make for forest management under the carbon market framework? Hernandez-Gamez Lysete Sandra University of East Anglia Hernandez-Gamez Lysete Sandra L.Hernandez-Gamez@uea.ac.uk
181 VOTING FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DONATIONS: EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE FROM MALLORCA, SPAIN Lopez Maria Claudia Universidad Javeriana Lopez Maria Claudia ,Blanco Esther ,Coleman Eric mclopezperez@gmail.com
Prasad Deva Independent Deva Prasad.M devaprasadm@gmail.com
192 Payments for Ecosystem Services in the Commons V.D. Phillips Global Environmental Management Education Center (GEM), University of Wisconsin V.D. Phillips  
194 Having no community land in resource poor region creates a sustainable system: case study of Kangayam grassland Kumar Anil Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute, Jhansi - 284003 Anil Kumar, N.B. Biradar, S. Natarajan and B. K. Trivedi anil.igfri@gmail.com
195 Managing Conflicts in Forest Resource Management Perspectives of foresters from Tripura GUPTA HARI SHANKER I I F M BHOPAL Anil Kumar, N.B. Biradar, S. Natarajan and B. K. Trivedi hsgupta@iifm.ac.in
196 Financing the Management of the Commons: A case of the forestry sector in Sri Lanka Perera Nethmini Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka Perera Nethmini ,Senaratne Athula nethmini@ips.lk
197 Groundwater management through the commons lens: recognizing complexity Kulkarni Himanshu Advanced Center for Water Resources Development and Management (ACWADAM) Kulkarni Himanshu acwadam@gmail.com
198 Protecting the water commons in Vietnam craft villages Mahanty Sango Australian National University Sango Mahanty and Trung Dinh Dang sango.mahanty@anu.edu.au
206 Joint Forest Management (JFM) and Role of NGOs:
Cases from Rajasthan, India
Baruah Mitul Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY Baruah Mitul mitulbaruah@gmail.com
207 Diagnose Complexity in Social-Ecological System: Understanding Irrigation Institutional Changes in Imperial China Wang Yahua Tsinghua University Wang Yahua wangyahua@tsinghua.edu.cn
224 Individual perceptions and the performance of community based drinking water organizations Madrigal Roger EfD-CATIE Madrigal Roger ,Alpizar Francisco ,Schluter Achim rmadriga@catie.ac.cr
Mahanty Sango Australian National University Mahanty Sango ,Suich Helen ,Tacconi Luca sango.mahanty@anu.edu.au
234 Ecological services of irrigation tanks and canals in the management of
groundwater and welfare implications in hard rock areas of Karnataka
siddaiah raveesha Humboldt university berlin siddaiah raveesha ,Mysore Chandrakanth Gangadhariah poonaravi1@gmail.com
236 Climate Change, Global Commons and Corruption in the context of Sundarban Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh Rahman Aminur Independent University, Bangladesh Rahman Aminur aminur@iub.edu.bd
238 Arriving at Principles for Effective Water Management by the Panchayats: Evidences from studies in ten states across India Krishnan Sunderrajan INREM Foundation Krishnan Sunderrajan ,Indu Rajnarayan sunderrajan@gmail.com
249 Ecological services of irrigation tanks and canals in the management of
groundwater and welfare implications in hard rock areas of Karnataka
Palmer Lynn C Lakehead University Lynn Palmer, Chander Shahi and Peggy Smith clpalme1@lakeheadu.ca
254 Grazing rights and practices in a privatized commons in Kenya Lesorogol Carolyn Washington University, St. Louis, USA Lesorogol Carolyn clesorogol@wustl.edu
261 Assessing the Impact of Marine Protected Areas: a Case Study of the
Perhentian Marine Park, Malaysia
Islam Gazi Md Nurul Research Fellow Islam Gazi Md Nurul,Noh Kusairi Mohd,Yew Tai Shzee gazinurul236@gmail.com
267 Adapting to climate change: Opportunities under NREGA Sinha Bhaskar Indian Instiute of Forest Management Sinha Bhaskar ,Basu Anoma ,Katiyar Anuj Singh bhaskarsinha@hotmail.com
269 Decentrilised Forest Governance and Its Functioning in Orissa, India Sarangi Tapas Kumar Sambalpur University Dr. Kailas Sarap, Mr. Tapas Kumar Sarangi sarangi.tapas@gmail.com
277 Sustainability of Community Based Organisations in Banglades Thompson Paul Middlesex University Thompson Paul paul@agni.com
282 Participating is more important than winning.
The Impact of Socio-Economic Change on Commoners
Participation in eighteenth and nineteenth-Century Flanders
De Moor Tine Utrecht University De Moor Tine t.demoor@uu.nl
283 Inequality and forest dependence on community forest resources in Kaski, Nepal Chhetri Bir Bahadur Khanal Institute of Forestry, Pokhara Nepal Bir Bahadur Khanal Chhetri khanalbb@yahoo.co.in
288 Water, Left Politics and the Manufactured Dissent: Understanding
the Politics of Political Mobilization of Local People against Coca Cola
in Gangaikondaan, Tamil Nadu
Thirumalai Kannan Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment, Bangalore Thirumalai Kannan thiru.kannan@atree.org
293 De-central power generation as suitable supplement to urban
power distribution systems? Results from a choice experiment in
Rommel Kai Humboldt Universtiy of Berlin Rommel Kai ,Sagebiel Julian kai.rommel@agrar.hu-berlin.de
297 Cultural Commons and Cultural Communities Santagata Walter Department of Economics - University of Torino Walter Santagata, Enrico Bertacchini,
Giangiacomo Bravo, Massimo Marrelli
299 SPRINGS: A COMMON SOURCE OF A COMMON RESOURCE Mahamuni Kaustubh S Researchert Kaustubh Mahamuni and Devdutt Upasani acwadam@vsnl.net
304 An evolutionary approach to wildlife damage of economic
Blanco Esther University of Innsbruck Blanco Esther ,Lozano Javier esther.blanco@uibk.ac.at
305 Decentralization and Ignored Local Dynamics: a case study on CBFM in the Philippines Sugimoto Ayumi The University of Tokyo Sugimoto Ayumi sugimoa@hotmail.com
316 Design Patterns for Customizing Irrigation Governance Bruns Bryan Randolph Independent Consultant Bruns Bryan Randolph BryanBruns@BryanBruns.com
317 The role of social capital and further assets for collective action and user participation to solve water resource problems in future megacities - Results of a household survey on water use in Hyderabad Meyer-Ueding Jennifer academic J. Meyer-Ueding, J. Rommel, M. Hanisch jennifer.meyer-ueding@staff.hu-berlin.de
322 Whose values or valuable for whom?
Biodiversity as global commons and the politics of the Yasuni-ITT
Krause Torsten Lund University Krause Torsten torsten.krause@lucid.lu.se
323 Environmental and Social Impacts from Palm based Biofuel
Development in Indonesia
Komarudin Heru Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Rubeta Andriani, Agus Andrianto, Heru Komarudin and Krystof Obidzinski h.komarudin@cgiar.org
326 How Partnerships and Adaptive Management can contribute to
Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries: The Case of the Red Sea
fishery in Sudan
Johnstone Gareth Matthew Freelance consultant G. M. Johnstone and R. A. Johnstone garethmjohnstone@yahoo.co.uk
334 Whither Common Properties Learnings from the field Vyas Vivek Seva Mandir, Udaipur Vyas Vivek , Andrew Carerras, Greg Gardner
Henrik Rasmussen, Sarah Burns
335 Commons vs Commodities Ricoveri Giovanna freelancing Ricoveri Giovanna gio.ricoveri@yahoo.it
340 Does lead role of women in local forest governance guarantee
gender equity in costs and benefits from forests? A study of four
case studies from Vidarbha Region in Maharashtra
Mehra Deepshikha Department of Humanities, SRKNEC and SHODH Mehra Deepshikha deepshikham@gmail.com
344 Looking Beyond (and Below) Institutions: The Role of Cultural Values in Sustaining Water Resources Groenfeldt David Water and Culture Institute Groenfeldt David dgroenfeldt@waterculture.org
349 Thirteenth Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of
Commons (IASC) 2011
Abrell Elan Louis Natural Justice Kabir Sanjay Bavikatte, Gino Cocchiaro, Elan Abrell, JD, Johanna von Braun elan@naturaljustice.org.za
356 How Can Societies Create Common Access to Nature? The Roots and Development Process of the Bruce Trail, a Canadian Case Study Shimada Daisaku Dosisha University Shimada Daisaku dshimada@mail.doshisha.ac.jp
360 Decentralized Natural Resource Management: Equity Impacts on
Groundwater Recharge Through JFPM in India
Mysore Chandrakanth Gangadhariah University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India Vikram Patil, Mysore G Chandrakanth and NR Gangadharappa mgchandrakanth@gmail.com
361 LiveDiverse helping to overcome combined biophysical, socioeconomic
and cultural-spiritual vulnerability through participatory
Gooch Geoffrey David Link ping University G.D. Gooch and the LiveDiverse research team geoffrey.gooch@liu.se
364 Social preferences in conservation under external rewards and the
role of group heterogeneity and market orientation:
Experimental evidence from the Andes
Narloch Ulf Department of Land Economy; University of Cambridge Ulf Narlocha , Unai Pascualb, Adam Druckerc ugn20@cam.ac.uk
368 Why does under-use/ abandonment of CPRs matter to the local community?: Case study of Tai district, Toyooka, Japan Ishihara Hiroe University of Cambridge Ishihara Hiroe hi223@cam.ac.uk
382 Forest fires for Domestic and Commercial Use of Ecosystem
A case study in Andhra Pradesh, South India
Schmerbeck Joachim TERI University A. Kohli, J. Schmerbeck, and K. Seeland jschmerbeck.daad@teriuniversity.org
390 Management of Wildlife as a Fugitive Natural Resource: A Case of
Wildlife Conservation in a Savanna Ecosystem in Africa
Meguro Toshio Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo Meguro Toshio meguro@fr.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp
393 Gaon Ganrajya (Village Republic) Movement in Rajasthan: Asserting Traditional Rights of Tribes over Community Resources through Legal Framework Venkatraman Annamalai National Institute of Rural Development, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh-500030 Venkatraman Annamalai annamalaivv@gmail.com
397 Groundwater governance: backing CPR principles with a process-based approach Kulkarni Himanshu Advanced Center for Water Resources Development and Management (ACWADAM) Kulkarni Himanshu ,Vijay Shankar PS ,Krishnan Sunderrajan acwadam@gmail.com
402 Agrarian landuse change and constructions of the commons: A case of indigenous agricultural development in Taiwan's mountain area Lin Chia-Nan Department of Geography, National Taiwan University Lin Chia-Nan ,Tsai Bor-Wen d97228002@ntu.edu.tw
403 Gender analysis in forestry research: Looking back and moving
ahead in international research
Mai Yen Hoang Associate Professional Officer Yen Hoang Mai, Esther Mwangi and Meilinda Wan m.hoangyen@cgiar.org
407 What Commons? Rethinking Participation in the sub-Saharan African Water Sector Venot Jean-Philippe International Water Management Institute (IWMI, Accra-Ghana) Venot Jean-Philippe j.venot@cgiar.org
412 Value Chain Governance and Gender in the Furniture Industry Irawati Rika Harini CIFOR H. Purnomo11, R. H. Irawati, A.U. Fauzan, Melati r.irawati@cgiar.org
413 THE STUDY OF LAND AND TREE TENURE RIGHTS ON AGROFORESTRY (PARAK) SYSTEM AT COMMUNAL LAND IN WEST SUMATERA, INDONESIA martial tri university Tri Martial, Helmi, Nursyirwan Effendi, and Endry Martius tri_martial@yahoo.com
424 Is adaptation to climate change gender neutral? A case study from Northern Mali Djoudi Houria CIFOR Djoudi Houria ,Brockhaus Maria hdjoudi@cgiar.org
428 Struggles over access and authority in the governance of new water resources: Evidence from Mali and Zambia Funder Mikkel Danish Institute for International Studies S.M. Cold-Ravnkilde, M. Funder
in collaboration with:
A. Cisse, M. Djire, C. Mweemba, I. Nyambe, B. van Koppen
430 In search of Recognition in Constitutional Court:
Community Rights on Natural Resources in Indonesias
Constitutional Court Decisions
Arizona Yance Association for Community and Ecologically Based Law Reform (HuMa), Indonesia Arizona Yance yancearizona@yahoo.co.id
432 Moderate Industrialization and Commons: Alternative Development Strategy to Oil Palm Plantation in East Kalimantan, Indonesia KAWAI Masayuki The University of Tokyo KAWAI Masayuki kawaimo@mtd.biglobe.ne.jp
435 The Role of NTFPs in Coping with Crop Shortfalls and Loss in Two
Villages in South Africa
Paumgarten Fiona CIFOR F. Paumgarten and C.M. Shackleton fi.paumgarten@gmail.com
440 Park People Relationship and its Implications for Protected Area
Management in Satpura Conservation Area, India
Musavi Azra Aligarh Muslim University Musavi Azra musaviazra21@gmail.com
445 Property rights and regimes: implications of managing capacity through comanagement
on Lake Victoria, East Africa
Nunan Fiona University of Birmingham F. Nunan, C. T. Kirema-Mukasa f.s.nunan@bham.ac.uk
451 Beyond Patents: Collective Intellectual Property Strategies for the
Conservation and Sustainable use of communities livestock, crop
and microbial/genetic common heritage.
Dedeurwaerdere Tom University catholique de Louvain Dedeurwaerdere Tom tom.dedeurwaerdere@uclouvain.be
455 Self governance under weak rule of law and anti-social
punishment: An experimental study among Kavango forest
Vollan Bjoern University Mannheim Vollan Bjoern ,Prapper Michael bjoern.vollan@googlemail.com
456 Creating agro-forestry commons for the landless and socially
marginalized: A case study from Nepal Terai region
Dhungana Sindhu Prasad Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation,Nepal Sindhu Prasad Dhungana, Haripriya Rangan, Vijay Shrestha, Prakash Jha sindhungana@gmail.com
457 Contested power and apartheid tribal boundaries: recent laws and struggles over land rights Claassens Aninka University of Cape Town Claassens Aninka aninka.claassens@uct.ac.za
466 In search for an alternative to the current mining policy in the state of Jharkhand, India: ecological basis for sustainability. Kanaujia Madhulika Student Kanaujia Madhulika kanaujia_madhulika@yahoo.co.in
482 Understanding the new Nicaraguan Water Law: How rules and
players interact and affect implementation?
Novo Paula Technical University of Madrid Novo Paula ,Garrido Alberto paula.novo@upm.es
499 FROM UNCOMMON BACK TO THE COMMONS An experience from North Bihar Mahamuni Kaustubh S Researchert Siddharth Patil, Eklavya Prasad, Nikita Kaushal, Devdutt Upasani, Pradeep
504 Making their own way: Recognizing the commons in water management, Wyoming 1900-1925 MacKinnon Anne University of Wyoming MacKinnon Anne amack@vcn.com
Jacauna Tiago da Silva Student Tiago Jacauna,
Lucia Ferreira
509 Contribution of Common Property Resources to Rural Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh Prakash Ram CSJM University, Kanpur, UP, India. Prakash Ram ,Mohapatra Khetra Mohan rpdav2007@rediffmail.com
511 Administrative Behavior in Forest Governance Reform in India: A
Preliminary Report on Case Studies from Maharashtra & Andhra
Fleischman Forrest D. Workshop in Political Theory And Policy Analysis & School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University Forrest D. Fleischman fleischf@indiana.edu
512 Assessing Wetland Assessment: The Role of Bureaucratic Networks Arnold Gwen Indiana University-Bloomington Arnold Gwen gbarnold@indiana.edu
521 Restoration of common lands for enhancing livelihoods of rural communities: a case study of GO-NGO collaboration in Andhra Pradesh chandrappagari suvarna Department of Rural Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh chandrappagari suvarna ,Dyda Venkat Raj suvarnac@yahoo.com
533 Environmental Governance as if Values Matter:
Communities and Conservation in Africa
Robinson Lance W. Vancouver Island University Lance W. Robinson Lance.Robinson@viu.ca
541 From globalisation to local migration: System study of the Greater Mekong Region Larson Silva CSIRO CSE Larson Silva ,Smajgl Alex silva.larson@csiro.au
Mahanty Sango Australian National University S. Mahanty, H. Suich and L. Tacconi sango.mahanty@anu.edu.au
546 Unraveling the Idea of Commons in Employment Relations Ganesh Senthil Xavier Institute of Management Ganesh Senthil ssganesh@ximb.ac.in
551 Diversion of Land for Mining Activities Sengupta Nirmal Indira Gandhi Inst. of Development Research Sengupta Nirmal nsengupta@igidr.ac.in
557 Can groundwater markets promote efficiency in agricultural production? Arahalli Venkataronappa Manjunatha Justus Liebig University A.V. Manjunathaa, Stijn Speelman, M.G.Chandrakanth, Nuppenau, E.A, Van
Huylenbroeck, G
564 The Challenges of Managing Increasing Landslides
Vulnerability in Mount Elgon ecosystem, Uganda: A Case of
Human Interactions with its Environment on the verge of
Shaban Kato Stonewall Makerere University S. Kato , R. Mutonyi stonewallkato@yahoo.com
566 The Dynamic Forest Commons of Central America: Research and Practice Larson Anne M Center for International Forestry Research Larson Anne M,Monterroso Iliana alarson@stanfordalumni.org
Rubiano Jorge E Associate Professor, Universidad del Valle J. Rubiano, T. Gutierrez, and J. Garcia jerubiano@gmail.com
578 Governing the Commons in Asia: Contested Tenure and Conflict over Forests Yasmi Yurdi RECOFTC Yasmi Yurdi ,Enters Thomas ,Kelley Lisa yurdi@recoftc.org
586 Best practices to cope with climate change induced challenges in
agricultural water agencies. The cases of California, Germany and
Theesfeld Insa Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe Theesfeld Insa ,Schmidt Oscar theesfeld@iamo.de
588 Different Perceptions of Adaptation to Climate Change: A Mental
Model Approach Applied to the Evidence from Expert Interviews
Otto-Banaszak Ilona Polish Academy of Sciences Ilona Otto-Banaszak, Piotr Matczak, Justus Wesseler, Frank Wechsung ibanaszak@yahoo.co.uk
590 Social and Environmental Impacts of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation intervention in Nepal Upadhyay Thakur Prasad Lakehead Univeristy T.P. Upadhyay, K.R. Bhattarai, K.P. Acharya and C. Shahi tpupadhy@lakeheadu.ca
591 Organisational culture suiting to implementation of participatory
strategies: lessons from management sciences
Jain Nihit MBA Scholar Nihit Jain and Kalpana Jain nihitj@gmail.com
592 Layers of Authority, Boundaries of Decision-Making: Controversies around the Traditional Courts Bill Mnisi Sindiso University of Cape Town Mnisi Sindiso sindiso.mnisi@uct.ac.za
604 The REDD Rush in Indonesia Thorburn Craig School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University Thorburn Craig Craig.Thorburn@arts.monash.edu.au
605 Optimal Forest Management for Carbon Sequestration:
A Case Study of Household Forest Owners and State Enterprises in
Yen Bai Province, Vietnam
Nghiem Thi Hong Nhung Massey University, New Zealand Nghiem Thi Hong Nhung H.N.Nghiem@massey.ac.nz
610 Implications of trends in Access, Benefits and Status of
Common Lands in Karnataka1
Purushothaman Seema Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment Sharachchandra Lele and Seema Purushothaman seemap@atree.org
620 Greening the Wastelands: evolving discourse on wastelands and its impact on community rights in India Saigal Sushil University of Cambridge Saigal Sushil saigal.sushil@gmail.com
627 Environmental Mainstreaming:
Framework for Analysis of Environmental Mainstreaming in
Developing Countries
Yasuda Yumiko University of Dundee Yasuda Yumiko y.yasuda@dundee.ac.uk
632 From fuelwood production to carbon sink: Changing notions of
commons in Nepal community forestry
Paudel Naya ForestAction Naya Sharma Paudel, Kamal Bhandari, Shanta Ram Baral nsp@forestaction.wlink.com.np
633 Changing resource access and its impact on pastureland management in Mongolia Sandagsuren Undarga Student, Australian National University Sandagsuren Undarga undarga@hotmail.com
634 Effect of Joint Forest Management Programme on Community Forest Management in Odisha Mishra Banikanta Xavier Institute of Management - Bhubaneswar, India 751013 Mishra Banikanta ,Nayak Birendra Kumar banikant@ximb.ac.in
635 Participative Water Management in
Industrial and Non-industrial Districts of Odisha
Mishra Banikanta Xavier Institute of Management - Bhubaneswar, India 751013 Banikanta Mishra and Sagarika Mishra banikant@ximb.ac.in
649 Addressing the tragedy of commons by creating social capital:
Some Experiments and Experience with the Street vendors in
D.V. Ramana XIMB D.V. Ramana ramana@ximb.ac.in
652 Groundwater conservation and management in India: Application of IoS and Wade frameworks Mysore Chandrakanth Gangadhariah University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India MG Chandrakanth, S Raveesha, Shalet Verghese, GL Thamanadevi, HM Seema,
CN Priyanka, AV Manjunatha, P Mamatha, Vikram Patil, KN Poornima, N
Rashmi, CN Varuni, BS Chaitra, PS Srikanthamurthy, N Nagaraj and
K Palanisami
655 CONVERTING COMMON LANDS FOR MINING: LESSONS FROM INDIA Kadekodi Gopal K. Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research Kadekodi Gopal K. gkkadekodi@gmail.com
659 Road space in Hyderabad as an Urban Common:
Otto von Gierke cooperative law applied to the discussion
on the use of road space in Hyderabad
Jain Angela Nexus Institute, Berlin, Germany Hans-Liudger Dienel, Angela Jain, Alva Bonaker jain@nexusinstitut.de
663 Collections from Commons crucial component of survival
strategy of the poor: Experience from West Bengal
menon dolly -- Lady Shri Ram college for women. New Delhi.India menon dolly -- dolly_menon@yahoo.com
669 Is there such a Thing as Wasteland? Biofuels and Wasteland
Development in Tamil Nadu, India
Baka Jennifer Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Baka Jennifer jennifer.baka@yale.edu
673 External disturbances and Institutional responses in management of small-scale irrigation systems in Pakistan and Nepal Kamran Muhammad Asif Asian Institute of Technology Thailand Kamran Muhammad Asif,Bastakoti Ram Chandra agriecon.niab@gmail.com
676 Creating New Urban Commons, A Baltimore Case Study Herrod Kate Ashoka: Innovators for the Public Herrod Kate kherrod@ashoka.org
687 Changing landscapes of democracy, rural governance, traditional
power and degraded commons in a former apartheid homeland
Jara Mazibuko Kanyiso University of Cape Town Jara Mazibuko Kanyiso mazibuko@amandla.org.za
691 Coastal Property Resources in Goa Alarming Trends Bhat Sairam National Law School of India Uiversity Bhat Sairam, Ms. Smita Srivastava bhatsairam@nls.ac.in
692 Achieving Conservation and Livelihood : A Case Study from Orissa, India Sinha Bhaskar Indian Instiute of Forest Management Dr. Bhaskar Sinha, Dr. K.D. Singh bhaskarsinha@hotmail.com
694 Decentralization of Forest Management, Local Institutional Capacity
and its Effect on Access of Local People to Forest Resources: the
Case of West Sumatra, Indonesia
Mahdi Mahdi Andalas University Mahdi, Ganesh P. Shivakoti and Makoto Inoue kuteihmahdi@yahoo.com
695 Implication of Forest Rights Act in the context of sustainability of forests and rights of individuals and communities - Special reference to implementation of community rights Lobo Viren Mathew Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development Lobo Viren Mathew,Ramakrishna Rajesh vlobo62@gmail.com
696 COMMUNITY BASED CO-MANAGEMENT OF PASTURE & FOREST RESOURCES IN MONGOLIA Ykhanbai Hijaba Kazbai NGO Dr.Hijaba Ykhanbai ykhanbai@hotmail.com
706 NATIONAL PARKS IN NORWAY AS SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL SYSTEM: WILDLIFE, CONFLICT IN USE, AND PARTICIPATORY PLANNING Fedreheim Gunn Elin Nordland Research Institute Blanco Ester ,Fedreheim Gunn Elin gef@nforsk.no
708 Beyond environmental policy impacts: joint-efforts on improving
the effectiveness of pasture management in Northwest China
Qi Gubo China Agricultural University Qi Gubo, Li Fengyang. Long Zhipu, Tang Lixia, Xu Xiuli qigupo@cau.edu.cn
711 Repertoires of Domination:
Decentralization as Process in Botswana and Senegal
Poteete Amy R. Concordia University Amy R. Poteete & Jesse C. Ribot amypoteete@gmail.com
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868 Customary Rights and Societal Stakes of
Large-Scale Tobacco Cultivation in Malawi
Mandondo Alois K participant Alois Mandondo, Laura German mandondo@zol.co.zw
873 COMMUNITY EFFORT TO ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AND POVERTY REDUCTION IN A BACKWARD AREA IN ORISSA Dr. Das Sanjukta Sambalpur University, Orissa, India Dr. Das Sanjukta sanjuktam03@yahoo.co.in
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and User Participation to Solve Water Resource Problems in
Megacities. Results of a household survey on water use in Hyderabad
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T. Rojas Rabiela
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988 Access to digital collections of public domain works:
Enclosure of the commons managed by libraries and museums
Dulong de Rosnay Melanie Politecnico di Torino Dulong de Rosnay Melanie melanie.ddr@gmail.com
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1030 Pesticide Residues in Urban Water Bodies- Organic Farming
as a Community Based Mitigation Strategy in
Hyderabad Peri-Urban Area
MALLEGOWDA RAJESHWARI SIDDAPURA PhD student MALLEGOWDA RAJESHWARI SIDDAPURA,Zakir Hussain, Markus Hanisch rajeshwari.sm@staff.hu-berlin.de
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content of community consent
Smith Henk LRC Henk Smith, Sayi Nindi ,Gerrit Beckhaus henk@lrc.org.za
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1159 Mobilizing Resources for Marine
Turtle Conservation in Asia
A Cross-country Perspective1
Nabangchang Orapan EEPSEA Nabangchang Orapan ,Jianjun Jin ,Thuy Truong Dang ,Indab Anabeth ,Harder Dieldre,Rodelio F. Subade onabangchang@idrc.org.sg
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1166 Is gender relevant in enhancing economic competitiveness of forest
industries? Exploring the wood-furniture value networks in Jepara;
Central Java - Indonesia
Nansereko Susan Christine Student Nansereko Susan Christine maiyenny@yahoo.com
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Irrigation Management in Kathmandu Valley
Bhattarai Ram Chandra Tribhuvan University, Nepal Bhattarai Ram Chandra rbhattarai1@yahoo.com
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Resources: Examples from the Use and Management of Geothermal
Hot Springs in Bessho Onsen Property Ward, Nagano, Japan
MITSUMATA Gaku School of Economics, University of Hyogo MITSUMATA Gaku gaku@econ.u-hyogo.ac.jp
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implications for common-property forests in lowland Bolivia
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Dryland Communities of Andhra Pradesh, India
Chalise Nishesh Washington University in St. Louis NisheshChalise, Gautam N. Yadama,and
Foundation for Ecological Security (Papagni Cell, Andhra Pradesh)
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weakening state regulation?
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Bista Samjhana Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile Bista Samjhana samjhana.bista@gmail.com
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Maharashtra :A Case Study
Chhabra Prabhjyot Kaur Student Dr. Shashilala Gurpur,
Mr Yuvraj Patil, Prabhjyot Chhabra( III yr BBA LLB), Raghav Chakravarthy N.C. (III yr BBA LLB), Abhay
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1304 Investigation of the Impact of the Commonland Protection on Water Resources in Rural India using Geo-hydrological Methods Matz Daniel Master of Science Student, Clemson University, Clemson, SC Matz Daniel ,Moysey Stephen ,Rangoori Ravindranath dan.matz84@gmail.com
toward a unified model of human cognition
for the study of social-ecological systems
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Hind Swaraj and Oceanic Circles
Sastri M.V.   Sastri M.V. sastrimv@gmail.com
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by Recognizing the Plurality of Knowledge
Experiences with democratic governance of science and technology
Bijker Wiebe Universiteit Maastricht, The Netherlands. Bijker Wiebe w.bijker@maastrichtuniversity.nl
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du Plessis Elmien University of Johannesburg du Plessis Elmien elmiendup@gmail.com
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1353 Governing Forest Commons in the Congo Basin: Non-Timber Forest
Product Value Chains
Inram Verina CIFOR and University of Amsterdam V.J. Ingram v.ingram@cgiar.org
1358 Open Source, Commons and Development
A Research Agenda on Common Pool of Services of Generation
Challenge Programme (GCP)
Basu Soutrik Wageningen University and Research Cente Basu Soutrik ,Ruivenkamp Guido ,Jongerden Joost soutrik.basu@wur.nl
1360 Change and Adaptation in the Swiss Alps: Bargaining Processes and Rule Constitution in the Collective Alpine Farming Example of the community alps Laax and Sumvitg (GR) Landolt Gabriela   Landolt Gabriela glandolt@gmail.com
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a case of Langat River Basin, Malaysia
Hossain Abdullah Abraham Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hossain Abdullah Abrahim,Mokhtar Mazlin Bin,Toriman Mohd Ekhwan Hj. nobu_fd@yahoo.com
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1412 Examining the gendered dimensions in using open access water for production
among rural market gardeners.
Gutsa Ignatius University of Zimbabwe Gutsa Ignatius gnatsio@gmail.com
G. Chandrashekar Reddy Centre for
Climate change
G. Chandrashekar Reddy, IFS  
5001 Genetic Diversity in Seeds as Global Commons
Alternatives to protect the genetic diversity from
IPRs than by IPRs
Dr.Vanaja ramprasad   Dr.Vanaja ramprasad  
65 Relationships in community forestry:
Neeraj Chapagain (Niresh)   Neeraj Chapagain (Niresh)  
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for eco-governance
S.R. Vargas Catanduanes State Colleges, Philippines S.R. Vargas, A.V. Asetre  
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Foundation for Ecological Security (Papagni Cell, Andhra Pradesh) , Gautam N. Yadama, Peter Hovmand
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826 Human impacts of displacement from protected areas: lessons
from the establishment of the Derema Corridor, north-eastern
S. Rantala World Agroforestry Centre; currently University of Helsinki S. Rantala1, H. Vihemäki  
848 Towards a vocabulary of commons Anita Cheria   Anita Cheria and Edwin  
976 Developing a Participatory Model for the Assessment of the Proposed Tipaimukh Hydro Multipurpose Dam in Manipur: An Ethnographic Approach to Environmental Valuation. Adaina Khang Chian Research Scholar, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Adaina Khang Chian, Aarti Kawlra ,Sudhir Chella Rajan p.adaina@gmail.com
ALFONSO BARRERO Master in Economics, Departament of Economics, University of Chile ALFONSO BARRERO AND SEBASTI AN CEA alfonso.manuel.barrero@gmail.com
1101 The Commercialization of Common Pool Resources        
1144 Participation and economic innovations: Technocracy dilemmas in
Community forest management
Kalpana Giri ForestAction Nepal Kalpana Giria, Hemant R. Ojhab kalpana22us@yahoo.com
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Kabir Sanjay Bavikatte Co-Director and lawyer, Natural Justice (Lawyers for Communities and the Environment) Kabir Sanjay Bavikatte  
1260 Supporting Collective Action through
Community Development Funds: An Institutional Innovation
for Herder Poverty Reduction in Sichuan, China
Han Wei associate research fellow, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences Han Wei ,Du Ling han@tfol.com
1290 TREADING AN UNCOMMON PATH: IN THE QUEST FOR EQUITY AND SUSTAINABILITY SHALINI IYENGAR students of the Vth Year, B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) degree, at the National Law School of India University SHALINI IYENGAR, PREETA DHAR  
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Nature Conservation Foundation
3076/5, IV cross, Gokulam park, Mysore 570002, Karnataka State
Manish Chandi & Dr. Rohan Arthur manish.chandi@gmail.com, manish@ncf-india.org
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Afrin Akter afrinakter@doe-bd.org
1335 Towards a Knowledge Commons
by Recognizing the Plurality of Knowledge—
Experiences with democratic governance of science and technology
Wiebe E. Bijker Maastricht University, The Netherlands; and KICS, Hyderabad Wiebe E. Bijker w.bijker@maastrichtuniversity.nl
1379 A Generalized Method of Hedonic Prices: Measuring Benefits from
Reduced Urban Air Pollution
M N Murty Professor Rtd.
Institute of Economic Growth
Delhi University Campus
M N Murty mn_mrty@hotmail.com
1401 Reclaiming the Commons:
Community Initiatives of Groundwater Management in the Indian Semi-Arid Tropics
Anantha KH International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)
Patancheru 502 324, Andhra Pradesh, India
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