Policy Fora

The Conference was pitched as an interface of policy, theory and practice; inviting contributions from some of the State governments/ departments as well as other countries with functioning policies, legal and institutional frameworks, so as to influence the discussion on the need for Policy on Commons at the National and State levels. Policy forum sessions too formed an integral part of the Conference Programme and provided the opportunity to discuss regional and global experiences in advocacy for a wide range of common property resources. While the keynotes were on structural issues, the policy fora were designed around issues with a sectoral focus such as pastoralism, forests, water and knowledge commons.
The titles of the various sessions are listed as follows.

Securing the tenure rights of users os the commons: reflections from india & africa

Michael Taylor, Forum Moderator, Programme Manager, Global Policy and Africa, International Land Coalition (ILC) Secretariat, Rome


Ben Cousins DST/ NRF Chair, Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), Cape Town; Liz Alden Wily, Land Tenure Specialist, Nairobi, Kenya; Neelima Khetan, CEO, SevaMandir, India; Sudarshan Iyengar, Gujarat Institute of Development Research, India; Lalji Desai MARAG, Ahmedabad, India; Maria Mashingo, Director, Pastoral Systems Development, Government of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam; Paul Mathieu, Senior Officer, Land Tenure Service, FAO, Rome

Pastoralism and the commons: beyond sedentarisations and sustainability

PurnenduKavoori, Forum Facilitator, Honorary Director, Centre for Social Ecology, Jaipur, India


Datta Rangnekar, Independent Consultant, India; Kazunobu Ikeya, National Museum of Ethnology, Japan; Sagari Ramdas, Co-Director, ANTHRA, India; Kabir Bavi katte, Natural Justice, Environmental Lawyer, South Africa; Nurzhan Dzhumabaev, Rural Development Fund, Kyrgyz Republic; Saverio Krätli, Editor, Journal of Nomadic Peoples, UK

Placing (forest) commons in a landscape perspective

Mike Smith, Forum Facilitator, Global Partnership for Forest Landscape Restoration (GPFLR), UK


Andrew Wardell, Director, Forests and Governance, CIFOR, Indonesia; Narpat S Jodha, Head, Mountain Fanning Systems Division, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Kathmandu, Nepal; Jagdeesh Rao, Director, Foundation for Ecological Security,Anand, Gujarat, India; Herman Rosa Chavez, Head, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), El Salvador; Pramod Krishnan, IFS, Environment and Energy, United Nations Development Programme-India

Governing & Managing common property resources in the face of climate change

AshwiniChhatre, Forum Facilitator, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA


A Damodaran, Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore; Jesse Ribot, Associate Professor of Geography and Affiliate, Beckman Institute; Bina Agarwal, Director & Professor of EconomicsInstitute of Economic Growth, University of Delhi ; Gopal Kadekodi, Director, Institute for Social and Economic Change, India; William Sunderlin, Principal Scientist, Forests and Governance, CIFOR, Indonesia

Policy shifts, implications for water access & latitude for water as commons

NC Narayanan, Forum Facilitator, Associate Professor, IIT Bombay, India


Daniel Chavez, New Politics Programme Coordinator, Transnational Institute (TNI), Amsterdam; Sunita Narain, Director of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India; RamaswamyIyer, Honorary Professor, Centre for Policy Research, India; SP Tucker, Principal Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh, Minor Irrigation and CADA

Food Security, commons & Entitlements - towards strategic solutions

Soma Kishore Parthasarathy, Forum Facilitator, Independent Public Policy Professional, India
Chair: Stephen J Mc Gurk, Director, Regional Office for South Asia and China, IDRC


Jos Mooij, Associate Professor, Institute of Social Studies, Hague, The Netherlands; Regina Birner, Chair, Social and Institutional Change in Agricultural Development, University of Hohenheim, Germany; Tom Arnold,CEO, Concern Worldwide, Ireland; Kavita Srivastava, General Secretary, People's Union for Civil Liberties; Tasmin Rajotte, Representative, Quaker International Affairs Programme (QIAP), Ottawa, Canada

Valuing ecosystem services: some implications for regional & global policy

Dr.VPJauhari, IAS ( SESSION CHAIR), Former Special Chief Secretary to AP Government and Director General of Dr.MCR HRDI ,Andhra Pradesh


Helga Serrano, Advisor, Yasuni - ITT Initiative, Coordination Ministry of Heritage, Ecuador; Pavan Sukhdev, Special Advisor and Head, Green Economy Initiative UNEP; Hari priya Gundimeda , Associate Professor, IIT Bombay, India

Forest right act, community forest rights & management / community conserved areas

Neema Pathak-Broome, Forum facilitator Kalpavriksh, India


Ashish Kothari (Session Chair), Kalpavriksh, India; Gary Martin, Global Biodiversity Fund; Madhusudan MD, Scientist, Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore, India; Fred Nelson, Maliasli Initiatives; Ilse Köhler-Rollefson, Projects Coordinator, League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development, Germany; Mohan Hirabai Hiralal, Vrikshmitra

Emerging policies: creating new commons

C Shambu Prasad, Forum Facilitator, Associate Professor, Xavier Institute of
Management, Bhubaneswar(XIMB), India


David Bollier, Independent Policy Strategist and Journalist; Shiv Visvanathan, Senior fellow, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), India; Wiebe E. Bijker, Professor, Technology & Society, University of Maastricht,, The Netherlands; MV Sastri, Knowledge in Civil Society (KICS), India; Venkatesh Hariharan, Corporate Affairs Director, Red Hat Asia Pacific, Bombay, India

Legal recognition of community based property rights

Sanjay Upadhyay, Forum Facilitator, Managing Partner, Enviro Legal Defence Firm, India


Kate Ashbrook, Open Spaces Society, UK; Liz Alden Wily, Land Tenure Specialist, Nairobi, Kenya; Ritwick Dutta, Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment (LIFE), India; Klaus Deininger, Lead Economist, Development Research Group The World Bank, Washington DC, USA; Ramaswamy Iyer, Honorary Professor, Centre for Policy Research, India; Usha Ramanathan, International Environmental Law Research Centre (IELRC), India

Panel Discussions


Between the sea & the land: complex commons at the interface of marine-terrestrail systems

  • Prateep Kumar Nayak, Panel Coordinator, Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Elinor Ostrom, Panel Chair and Speaker, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University, USA
  • John Kurien, Former Professor, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, India;
  • Fikret Berkes, Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, Canada; Maarten Bavinck, Centre for Maritime Research, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Philanthropy & the commons

Ruth Mienzen-Dick, Panel Facilitator, Coordinator, CGIAR Program, Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRI)


Tom Arnold, CEO, Concern Worldwide, Ireland; Jeffrey Campbell, Director of Grantmaking, The Christensen Fund (TCF); Ujjwal Pradhan, Regional Coordinator, ICRAF Southeast Asia Regional Office, Bogor, Indonesia

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