Poster Submission Guidelines

Important dates

All the participants must submit the final versions of their respective posters by November 30, 2010 in low-resolution PDF formats. Prior to this date, all poster-presenters are permitted to alter or withdraw their posters and resubmit the same.

Allocation of Poster-boards and poster setup: January 10, 2011 from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm and January 11, 2011 from 7.30am to 8.30am.

Poster Session Date/Timings: Jan 11th –14th, 2011, 8.30 am -  6.00 pm

While the posters will be on display throughout the day, specific time-slots will be announced at the beginning of the Conference, when the poster-presenters will have to be present with their posters.

Each poster-presenter will be allotted a numbered poster-board and is requested to display the posters on the same throughout the duration of the Conference.

Printed copy of Posters

All participants are to get the printed posters to the Conference, in accordance with the dimensions given below.

Poster Specifications

Poster Dimensions

All posters need to be of 3ft (width) *4ft (height) dimensions.

Poster Design

The following are some guidelines while designing a poster
  • The word-limit for posters is 1200.
  • Please try to produce the entire poster on a single sheet of paper. Avoid using a large number of smaller sheets of paper.
  • Minimum font size recommended, to ensure legibility, is 28. Please note that sans serif fonts are easier to read on posters.
  • Avoid using more than:
    • 3 font sizes
    • 2 font colors
    • 2 font types
  • Avoid using colors like blue-green and magenta-violet for these colors appear to be gray to color-blind participants.
  • Use consistent formatting throughout the poster.
  • Please mention your e-mail id on the poster, so that viewers can contact you at a later date.
For more detailed guidelines, please click here.

Posterboard Location

Poster-sessions will be organized at the Arjuna Arcade, a large canopied space within MCR HRDI—the venue for the Conference. The floor plan for the site of poster-session will be placed on the website shortly.

In case the poster-presenters need any kind of prior assistance from the organizers, they may write to us at in advance, so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

Poster submission deadline extended to Nov 30, 2010.
Considering a fair number of requests for an extension in the deadline for submission of completed papers/posters/videos, we announce that the deadline has been extended till 30th November 2010. We advise the authors to ensure that the papers are submitted by this date, as only then shall we be able to include the paper in the USB memory stick that will be available to all Conference delegates as part of their registration pack. Regrettably, papers received after 30th November  2010 shall not be included in the said memory stick. When submitting the full paper, we also request the authors to provide us with the permission to post the paper on Indiana University’s “Digital Library of the Commons“ (see http// for further details).

Poster presenters are requested to upload a copy of their poster by accessing the link ‘Click here to upload paper’ upon logging into their user accounts.

Video presenters are requested to send in hard copies of their films to the below mentioned address:

Foundation for Ecological Security
IASC 2011
A-1 Madhuram Park
Near Srinathji Society
Ganesh Crossing, Anand-388001
Gujarat, INDIA

The films need to reach us before the 30th November 2010.

Abstract/s selected as panel proposals do not need to be followed up by a complete paper ubmission. However, the constituent members of the panel/s are required to submit their completed papers individually.

Kindly note that the submission of completed papers/posters/videos is invited from those authors whose abstracts have been submitted to IASC 2011 and subsequently selected by the Academic Review process.