The Commons: Theory, Analytics and Data

This sub-theme may address issues such as:

  • Theoretical synthesis of past work to clarify conceptual issues; Synthesis of past work that identify methodological challenges and suggest strategies for overcoming them;
  • Introduction of new data sets, data collection techniques, and analytical methods, and comparisons of historical, comparative, game theoretic and other approaches to the study of Commons.
  • Analytical tools for improving Governance of the Commons – Coupled Natural and Human Systems, System Dynamics, GIS applications, etc. This would involve work on the integration of various tools and techniques from ecological and social sciences as well as other disciplines;
  • Contribution of Ecological Economics in computing the benefits from the Commons. What are the methodological challenges for measuring the potential of social and economic benefits from managing natural resources as Commons?
  • Contributions of social science to environmental and natural resource management - How can we bring together theoretical constructs evolved from social science and economics backgrounds with those of the natural sciences and vice versa to improve human interactions with natural resources and the environment?