What to Pack

With a wide range of weather conditions across a large geographic scale and varied topography, the packing list for a trip to India depends a lot upon where you will be traveling and the time of year you will be there. Summers can get really hot and it would be a good idea to keep clothing loose and cool. Winters range from mild to cold across different parts of the subcontinent, warranting warmer gear as well, with December, January and February amongst the coolest months. A head scarf, sarong (or the ‘dupatta’ as called in India), proves extremely multipurpose and handy as head protection, in laying out in buses and trains during travel and especially while visiting holy buildings and certain traditional parts of the city /country.

 It is advised, in general, to pack light as most essential items are readily available at large super markets as well as the numerous local shops that dot the colourful streets. India is also a shopper’s paradise with its markets full of exotic as well as everyday goods available at bargain prices. Some useful items to carry would be sun glasses, ear plugs, mosquito repellent, sleeping bag, torch, padlock, flip flops, bike chain and safety pins, to name a few. An extremely essential item would be the adapter needed to plug most electrical equipment/chargers. You can keep the first aid basic, but cross check your personal medicine list before boarding the plane.

As advisable while undertaking any kind of overseas travel, make sure you are carrying all official documents and also ensure they are kept safe. It would be a good idea to create photocopies and save them at different locations.